In January 2021, Eli Lilly settled with hundreds of thousands of people who claim they developed AIDS or other illnesses through the use of Zyprexa drugs. These claims resulted in numerous class action lawsuits and one of the lawsuits involved an outbreak of AIDS. The company has settled those cases out of court for a wide range of reasons, one of which is confidentiality. This article will look at what actually happened and how this affects you if you are a Zyprexa lawsuit recipient.

Zyprexa Lawsuit

First, let me explain what happened. At the time of settlement, Zyprexa was found to be the main cause of the outbreaks of AIDS and related deaths. A group of physicians had discovered this while conducting a study on elderly patients that already had severe diabetes. When they took blood samples from these same elderly people, it was found that they had unusually high levels of insulin in their blood. This sparked off studies that led to the conclusion that Zyprexa can cause serious side effects in people with diabetes and specifically, AIDS.

The FDA did not pull the product off the market however, because there were no conclusive studies pointing to the danger of the drug causing AIDS.

It was also found that patients taking zyprexa side effects did not develop infections from the drugs. However, there have been recent reports of a case in which a woman developed sepsis, a blood infection, due to the taking of zyprexa. There are many other zyprexa side effects that can cause a problem in people with diabetes, so the decision to drop it was not necessarily right one.

As of now there have been no conclusive studies linking the use of zyprexa with cancer or any other type of disease, but doctors are very concerned about the possibility of it.

They are particularly worried about Lupus, since it is a type of diabetes that can lead to heart disease or even death. In the Zyprexa lawsuit, the plaintiffs are asking for a huge amount of damages due to the effects that the medication had on their lives. The main claim is that the medication caused them to suffer from Lupus, tardive dyskinesia and progressive supranuclear palsy.

Lawyers involved in the Zyprexa lawsuit claim that the manufacturer knew about the risks of using antipsychotic medications in combination with a neuroleptic drug for patients with schizophrenia.

However, the company did not take any measures to warn patients or to settle the claims before the lawsuit began. The company has given its presentation to the FDA to try to settle the claims. The FDA has not yet received the request for information.

So far, Zyprexa has not settled the lawsuit.

It is facing an onslaught of negative publicity and continues to be under investigation by the FDA. The manufacturer could decide to go ahead with a settlement or go to court. If you have been affected by Zyprexa, you should contact a qualified attorney to discuss your case.

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