Recently, there was a defamation lawsuit filed against a prominent University. The case revolves around a former employee who is suing for wrongful termination, harassment, and other charges. But is National University legitimate? Should you trust the school with your degree, or is it another scam? Let’s find out more about this recent lawsuit and the National American University lawsuit itself.

National American University Lawsuit

The defendant in this case, Dr. William Horatio Parker, used his national American University email address to sign many student e-mails. This was done without his knowledge of the fraudulent acts. When alerted to this conduct, he immediately called the department’s security number and was able to provide enough evidence to stop the fraud. Thus, did the National American University lawsuit actually happen?

While the details may be different from one lawsuit to the next, this lawsuit is indeed rather remarkable. In a class-action lawsuit, a single individual goes forward to file suit against an entire national institution of higher learning. They argue that while the institution didn’t do anything wrong, they still suffered harm because the defendant chose to defame them through email and mislead them into believing that they were defrauded. This class-action lawsuit also claims that the act of signing the emails is deceptive and improper. It is essentially an attempt to slander another person and cover up the actual fraud that occurred.

Although the class-action lawsuit involves a national American university, it doesn’t necessarily have to involve federal student loans. The lawsuit was brought by two former students and one former employee, who are owed money by the federal government due to their efforts in getting an education. These individuals say that although they had already been out of school for several years when they were instructed to sign the emails, they never agreed to be defrauded or misled in any way. They also say that they have suffered economic damage as a result of having to pay the government back for the loans they defaulted on.

There’s one more element to the national American university lawsuit that might make it very different from other lawsuits like this one. Namely, it says that since the deception occurred while the students or employees were enrolled at the school, they are owed compensation for their pain and suffering. This isn’t a case where the signatories simply believe that they were defrauded. Rather, they say that they were betrayed by a third party and now must suffer damages as a result.

In addition to seeking damages for their pain and suffering, the students and employees ask that the university must immediately stop using the now discredited student transcripts and seal all remaining transcripts and student portal records. The lawsuit also demands that the government repay the defrauded funds and instruct the universities to never misrepresent the information again. The National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys is handling the legal representation of the national American university lawsuit and it says it expects the ruling to be announced within three months.

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