Thesis & Approach of Trex Litigation Loans

The first two parts of my new eBook, Trex Lawsuit, are now available for pre-order. In part one, I discussed some of the most common claims that bring traders and investors into litigation, including fraud, securities fraud, misrepresentation, etc. In part two, I will discuss my strategies for maximizing your recovery when you are the victim of a Trex-related fraud. In my experience, claims brought by brokers or brokerage firms are almost always won and the victim often gets a substantial cash settlement. (Even when brokers/underwriters try to avoid paying you for your losses in court.)

A few years back, I was the victim of a very serious brokerage firm deception. I invested in a few different options with this brokerage firm and was hoping to build some cash and grow my retirement account. I had never traded actively before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. To my surprise, my profits increased every month! What I didn’t know at the time was that the profit increases were not due to my portfolio, but rather the fact that I was no longer dealing with a single brokerage firm but a number of them.

After nearly a year of fighting this nightmare, I received a letter from the SSA (Social Security Administration) stating that they had declined my claim for Social Security benefits because I was no longer employed by the brokerage firm. My attorneys and I immediately worked to have the claim changed, but this was not enough to remedy my problem. The SSA stated that I owed back taxes to the government, which was true, but my attorney felt that the claim could be raised in court. We eventually settled, and in exchange, my tax lawyer arranged for me to be assigned a tax lawyer to assist me with my taxes until the settlement was paid off. The SSA found a way to avoid paying my taxes for a few more years.

During this period, I continued to work my best to recover my losses. I consulted several stock brokers who could provide great advice, but none of them could explain to me how to go about recovering money from an investor who was legally insolvent. My SSA case file indicated to me that it was probably time to find another lawyer. During my last month of working with my lawsuit loan provider, I discovered that I could not recover any money owed to me. A friend informed me that he had received a call from the SSA, and that my case was being investigated for disability fraud.

I immediately called my attorney, but did not have much hope. He told me that I was probably out of options, as the situation was extremely unusual. The truth is that many attorneys are not familiar with these types of strategies. He suggested that I consider using an attorney who specialized in settling disability claims, at least for the time being. During the following weeks, the situation gradually improved.

During the next month, my attorney arranged for an expert trex trader to assist me with my portfolio rebuilding efforts. In the months that followed, we worked diligently to improve my portfolio and re-establish myself as a viable candidate for future investments. Throughout this entire process, my attorney never once expressed concern for my safety or welfare. We have since dedicated ourselves to providing the best representation and advice to other similar individuals.

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