A recent hearing regarding motions to strike or dismiss class allegations was postponed after U.S. District Judge David Dugan canceled the case. Cueto is representing 203 plaintiffs from 40 states, including Amanda Chandler and Robert Durham. Both individuals are suing Chinese mattress maker Zinus. They allege that they developed nosebleeds and dermatitis because of the toxic materials used in their beds. Cueto argues that the materials used in these mattresses are a direct cause of the illnesses.

Zinus mattresses contain a fire retardant made of fiberglass

While you might not know it, some Zinus mattresses contain fire retardant fiberglass underneath the cover. The fiberglass is there to protect the foam underneath. However, it can catch fire if exposed to flame, so it’s important to keep this in mind when purchasing a new mattress. It’s possible to spot fiberglass in a bed by looking at its label, but if you’re unsure, you can do some research and find out whether or not it contains this substance.

Fire retardants-fiberglass-based mattresses are not safe. Fiberglass can easily disperse through the air or HVAC system and attach to various surfaces and objects. The glass fibers can irritate the skin and eyes, and even the upper respiratory system. They can even become embedded in the body and require surgical removal. Moreover, removing the fire-resistant mattress cover can create a lot of anxiety, which could end up being worse than the damage caused by the bed.

They may release fibers into the air

If you own a fiberglass mattress, you may be at risk for health problems due to the fibers it releases into the air. When you air your mattress or clean it, these fibers are released into the air. This is especially dangerous if you suffer from breathing problems since the fibers can get into your nose and throat. It is even worse if your mattress breaks, as the fiberglass can leak through the sheets.

The manufacturer of a certain type of mattress is liable for releasing fibers into the air when you wash it. The glass fiber particles can be difficult to remove and can wind up everywhere inside your house. There are even class-action lawsuits filed against manufacturers like Zinus, which claim that the release of glass fibers in their mattresses caused serious property and health problems. This is a potential cause for concern for consumers, and one could be right to seek compensation for these damages.

They can cause nosebleeds

A class action lawsuit claiming that a fiberglass mattress caused her to suffer nosebleed claims that the fibers contained in the bed are much larger than the fiberglass used in household insulation. Cleaning up a bed with fiberglass can be extremely expensive, costing upwards of $25,600. In addition, the defendants responded to a message board posting urging consumers to remove the outer cover of a bed, a practice that jeopardizes the system.

Although Lilly was not aware that she was suffering from nosebleeds from the fiberglass in her mattress, she had been experiencing them for almost a year before she finally unzipped the mattress. During the unzipping process, she had a bad nosebleed that lasted for several hours. Although she is not aware of the severity of her injuries, she was able to get them treated with the help of her pediatrician. As the family continues to suffer from nosebleeds from the contaminated mattress, the Chandler family will be staying in a hotel until the litigation is resolved.

They can cause dermatitis

Some people may have noticed a rash or irritation on their skin after sleeping on a mattress with fiberglass. This rash is temporary but can become severe if left untreated. If you suspect that your mattress contains fiberglass, contact a law firm for further information. The problem is most likely caused by the fiberglass itself and not the bed frame or foundation. However, you should replace your mattress if it is made of this material.

One family’s experience triggered a class action lawsuit against Zinus, the manufacturer of the mattresses. The lawsuit alleges that the mattress design violates federal fire safety regulations and can cause personal injury and property damage. This could cost tens of thousands of dollars to clean up, so experts have advised homeowners to remove their mattresses until they are professionally cleaned. The defendants responded to a message board post by pointing out that removal of the outer cover of a mattress can result in a release of the fibers.

They are defectively designed

In the case of the Zinus mattress, a California-based online company confirmed that it contained fiberglass inside its inner cover. The company sells its mattresses at major retailers such as Bed-in-a-Box and has steadily increased its relevance in Latin America. According to the lawsuit, the company failed to warn consumers about the fiberglass inside the mattress, and thus the mattress was defectively designed. As a result, consumers should seek legal action against Zinus and other manufacturers.

The affected mattresses are mostly from China, including hybrid and memory foam mattresses. Many of them were sold on Amazon. If you have bought a cheap mattress, it likely contains the problematic fiberglass layer. Make sure you do not remove the cover from your mattress when you wash it. Check it periodically for leaks and damage to the outer cover. If you see shards of glass, put a flashlight to the area where you bought the mattress and place it in a secure place.

They can damage property

Consumers who purchase a fiberglass mattress may have no idea that the material is contaminated with glass shards. The glass shards found in the mattress are much larger than the type of fiberglass used in household insulation. As the fiberglass particles became airborne, they became embedded in wicker, fabric, and other matrix items. Plaintiffs in the case claim that the materials were “sparkling” when a small light was turned on, and their two-month-old infant started bleeding from his nose.

Unfortunately, these particles can also cause a great deal of property damage, as well. Cleaning up the mess can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000, and even if professional cleaners do come to your home, you may not get compensation for these expenses. It may be necessary for you to move out of your home if you suffer a fiberglass mattress lawsuit. If you suspect your mattress may be contaminated with fiberglass, you should replace the entire mattress with a new one.

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