Truck Accident

The aftermath of a truck accident can be highly traumatizing. It most likely leads to injuries and property loss.

In such situations, coming up with the next steps can prove challenging.

Though challenging, it is not impossible.

In no particular order, here are five things to do after a truck accident:

1. Stay calm and dial 911

If you’re ever involved in an accident, it is always best to stay calm and not try to move. Sometimes, you might have a severe injury, but the adrenaline rush will obscure the pain.

However, if you can reach your device, dial 911 and wait for the health professionals to get to you. You can also ask bystanders to call 911 on your behalf.

2. Where possible, document evidence from the accident scene

When an accident happens, it’s usually best to record as much evidence as you can. Such pieces of evidence might be required in court or at the insurance company at a later time.

Evidence may include; pictures of the accident scene, a record of weather and road conditions, contact information of all involved in the accident, license plate numbers, the other driver’s home address and insurance policy number.

3. Identify witnesses of the accident

More often than not, witnesses are always present in an accident scene.

Be sure to locate the articulate witnesses to narrate what happened and exchange contact information with them.

While your view on the matter may be one-sided, they can typically share details you may have missed. Therefore, their knowledge of some matters is a vital piece of evidence you don’t want to miss. It is, however, essential to identify what may be true and what is fluff is.

4. Do not reveal details on sensitive information

Some insurance companies usually contact their clients after a truck accident. When they do this, it’s likely to collect data to reach a settlement agreement.

Please ensure you dispense information sparingly and do not admit to being at fault, except as advised by your lawyer. Often, the other party may use such information to jeopardize your chances of getting fair compensation.

5. Get yourself a Personal Injury Lawyer

In the event of a truck accident, it is a wise decision to seek legal representation. Given the emotions and activities surrounding the first few days after the accident, it may be easy for other involved parties to try and take advantage of their clients.

To get ahead, hire an attorney who specializes in truck accidents. If necessary, he can prepare a lawsuit, seek out witnesses from the accident scene, gather other relevant evidence, convincingly prove your innocence in a law court and obtain your compensation. They can listen to your case scenario and advise you on the best way to handle it.

It is also important to hire attorneys that understand the laws of the area of the accident. Therefore, victims of truck accidents in Michigan, USA, should seek an experienced Michigan truck accident attorney.

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