A Royal Caribbean cruise ship accident attorney claims the cruise company intentionally tried to place the lives of passengers on board in danger by putting them in their vulnerable position. The lawyer is seeking compensation for the emotional, physical, and financial losses suffered by his client. The case revolves around a catastrophic accident which took place off the coast of Florida when a boat carrying hundreds of passengers capsized and began to leak.

Royal Caribbean Class Action Lawsuit

Royal Caribbean was well aware of the hazards that hurricanes could bring and did nothing to mitigate this threat. Subsequently, the company didn’t dispatch emergency response teams fast enough when Hurricane Harvey reached the coast. Furthermore, Royal Caribbean did not dispatch adequate emergency equipment when the storm hit, leaving many of its passengers without life vests and other essential items. Furthermore, after a year-long back and forth negotiation with the city of Miami over the breach of its insurance policy, a Florida judge has ordered a Florida district court not to dismiss a Royal Caribbean class action lawsuit.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines operates two cruise ships, the Regent Seven Seas and the Princess Cruises.

All the cruise ships had already encountered several lawsuits that claimed they were negligent in providing inadequate safety measures while at sea. Many of these lawsuits centered on the cruise ships failing to provide adequate life vests for their passengers. Despite having life vests on board, the Royal Caribbean cruise ships repeatedly ignored this requirement and left many people in potentially hazardous situations. Ultimately, some of these people lost their lives.

Royal Caribbean knowingly allowed the cruise liner companies to violate its own policies, thereby causing untold harm to its passengers.

Royal Caribbean’s class action lawsuit further claims that this cruise line was aware of the danger of allowing non-crew members to go on-board without proper security clearance. In addition, this cruise line failed to instruct its crew members that they too need to be fit enough to handle dangerous situations. As a result, these crew members disregarded their own safety and put themselves in danger when working on-board the royal Caribbean cruise liners. This resulted in the injuries and deaths of many innocent passengers.

Royal Caribbean is not the only cruise company to have been sued in recent years.

In fact, it is one of the most prolific cruise ships in operation today. Unfortunately, this does not mean that other maritime companies are not responsible for their actions. Many maritime companies have been sued and won large settlements in their class-action lawsuits. It is certainly possible that this could occur with any cruise liner company. Thus, it is important that you consult with an experienced cruise attorney if you believe you have a case against a cruise liner.

If you are injured aboard a royal Caribbean cruise ship, you may be entitled to a lawsuit settlement. Contact a marine accident attorney as soon as possible if you believe you have a case. The earlier you act, the more likely you will be able to obtain justice and a positive result in your lawsuit.

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