According to the Class Action Suit, Rooms to Go, a company that sells and assembles furniture for use by plaintiffs in civil suits, provides customers with the opportunity of purchasing a “ForceField Protection Plan” that is used as a cushion against the potentiality of a suit. But the plaintiffs alleged that Rooms to Go failed to apply this furniture protectant to a percentage of the furniture purchased by its customers. This article discusses what the lawsuit alleged and what can be done to resolve the issue.

According to the lawsuit, plaintiffs who purchased certain products from Rooms to Go received statements from the company that detailed the “Protectant” applied to each piece of furniture purchased from them. The statement detailed how much Protectant was applied to each piece of furniture and detailed exactly how much Protectant would be applied to each item.

In the plaintiff’s lawsuit, this information was presented to the customer and, based on this information, it was then expected that this information would help the customer determine which items in the customer’s home were at risk. The company, according to the lawsuit, said that Protectant applied to the “Protectants,” which are the cushions and pillows the company sold to the customer. The lawsuit further alleged that the company failed to follow up on this important claim by providing adequate customer service to the customer to answer questions regarding the application of the Protectant on their furniture.

According to the lawsuit, the company’s claims to customer service were completely misleading. Instead of providing adequate customer service to the customer, the lawsuit alleged, the company provided a phone number to call in order to discuss the possibility of a claim. According to the complaint, the phone number disconnected, but later, an email was sent to the plaintiff’s email account asking for the name of the person who called in. When the plaintiff followed up with the person who had called in, they learned that the person had purchased the same product from the company but had not purchased any Protectants.

Based on this evidence, the plaintiff is seeking an award of damages in the form of monetary damages, which the company is required to pay if they can prove, beyond doubt, that the Claims were in fact provided to the customer in violation of the statute. governing these claims. They further claim that the evidence presented by the company to support the claim was not credible and that the company’s lack of contact with customers was deliberate. in its disregard of customer service.

According to the Class Action Suit, there are also claims that the company failed to provide proper instructions on the application of the Protectant and/or provided incorrect information to customers and/or the courts when applying the Protectant to their merchandise. Although, according to the lawsuit, the company denies these allegations, a trial date has been scheduled in the case.

The lawsuit is currently pending in the district court of Orange County, Florida. If you or anyone you know is a victim of Rooms to Go, please be sure to review the lawsuit and its claims thoroughly.

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