The RCA Voyager tablet is a model that is recalled because of the possibility of overheating. People who have purchased the device have reported hearing popping noises, bulging batteries, and even the back of the tablet detaching from the device. The RCA Voyager tablet is a class action lawsuit that could force the manufacturer to repair or replace the device, if possible. Many users have even been forced to replace their devices due to the problem, so this lawsuit can help them get compensated for the expenses.

RCA Corporation

If you’re looking for a new tablet, you’ve probably heard about the RCA Corporation’s Voyager tablet. This tablet is a two-in-one device that runs Windows instead of Android. It has a high-definition screen, a quad-core processor, and 2GB of RAM. Users have also reported hearing popping noises, bulging batteries, and the back of the tablet separating from the device. If you’ve bought one of these tablets, you should be aware that you’ll need to plug it into a power source for over four hours to fully charge it. The battery life is also pretty poor, as most cheaper models have a battery life of around six hours.

In addition to its Voyager tablet, RCA has a full line of smartphones, tablets, and TVs. They’ll show you the Voyager III tablet at their booth in the Central Hall in Tech East. RCA also offers a customer support portal online. The company is also available for demos at CES. However, this article was updated from a previous version, which incorrectly linked the current RCA to the former Radio Corporation of America.

RCA Voyager

Despite its relatively low price, the RCA Voyager tablet is causing consumers a lot of problems. The device overheats easily, even when it isn’t plugged in. Users have reported inflated batteries, popping noises, and even the back of the tablet detaching from the device. Considering this, a class action lawsuit can force the manufacturer to fix the problem or reimburse people for their expenses in replacing the device.

To recover lost data, you must first perform a factory reset. This process erases all of the data in the internal storage. Before doing this, you should backup all important data on your tablet. Back up important files to the cloud or upload them to another device. If you cannot back up the data on your RCA tablet, prepare to lose all of your contacts, emails, and apps. A factory reset may be the only way to restore your data.

RCA 7 Pro +

If you purchased an RCA Voyager tablet, you may be eligible to file a lawsuit against the manufacturer for defective design and manufacturing. The RCA tablet overheats, even when unplugged, and users report popping noises, bulging batteries and the back of the tablet separating from the device. If you have experienced these problems and would like to file a claim, there are several steps you can take to help you make your tablet right.

The first step in filing a lawsuit against the RCA corporation is to perform a factory reset on your RCA tablet. This process restores the device to its factory settings and will wipe all user data from the internal storage. Back up your data on another device, like a computer, or transfer it to the Cloud. If you have important data stored on the RCA tablet, you should consider backing it up to another device. Otherwise, you should prepare yourself to lose emails, contacts, and apps that you’ve stored on it.


If you’ve experienced problems with your RCA Voyager Tablet, you may have grounds for an RCA Voyager Tablet Lawsuit. The device’s faulty hardware and software may lead to problems that may have been prevented if the company had followed proper factory-reset procedures. In this article, we’ll discuss the steps to perform a factory reset to get your tablet working again. Before you do so, be sure to back up all of your important data. You can do so by uploading it to the Cloud or transferring it to a different device. Otherwise, you can prepare yourself to lose all of your emails, contacts, apps, and anything else stored on your tablet.

While the RCA Voyager Tablet is not defective in terms of functionality, it is prone to overheating even when it’s not plugged in. Many users also report experiencing popping noises, bulging battery, and even the back of the device detaching from the device. If this is the case, a class action lawsuit against the company might help you get a replacement device for free. If you’ve already tried to repair or replace your RCA Voyager tablet, you may want to seek legal assistance.

Technicolor SA

When comparing the RCA Voyager tablet to the Technicolor SA Voyager Tablet, it’s worth keeping a few things in mind. The French multinational corporation Technicolor SA owns the trademarks RCA and Vox International but licenses them to various other companies. Technicolor SA is a French-based company that produces visual effects for entertainment, marketing, advertising, and gaming. Technicolor’s subsidiaries include Moving Picture Company, Mikros Animation, Technicolor Games, and Connected Home.

The RCA tablet is faster and runs on Google’s Lollipop software. It has the flexibility of the tablet operating system but has the user-friendly features of an Android device. Its ports include HDMI and USB and Micro SD. Users will appreciate the extra functionality provided by the RCA tablet, including the ability to watch movies, view photos, and use the camera. However, if you’re only using the tablet for entertainment, you’ll probably want a tablet that lets you use it for work as well.

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