KFC Lawsuits Against Kroger

Marla Clark files Lawsuits Against KFC, Safeway and Target for E.coli Outbreak. In March, the FDA and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, along with local and state authorities, attributed a nationwide outbreak of E.coli O157: H5 to I.M. Healthy KFC SoyNuts. The lawsuit seeks class action status.

Marla Clark, an attorney with the Legal Aid Society of Cincinnati, said, “I filed suit in April in the Hamilton County Circuit Court on behalf of myself and other plaintiffs.” She went on to say that the attorneys will be working “to make sure that our clients receive compensation and medical bills, as well as to obtain compensatory damages for the injury they suffered, as a result of ingesting the contaminated KFC foods manufactured by I.M. healthy.” She also said that there will be additional suits filed in the state of Texas. The lawsuit seeks class-action status.

According to Marla Clark, “All plaintiffs that have consumed KFC products manufactured by I.M. healthy are covered under my clients’ claims.” She went on to say, “The lawsuit seeks compensation for medical expenses, as well as compensation for lost wages and medical bills due to eating tainted KFC products.” “I am happy that I was able to stand up and represent myself on this matter and I am looking forward to filing additional lawsuits,” she said.

The plaintiffs in this case include Marla Clark and her five children, ranging from four months to 13 years of age. According to the legal papers, “Ms. Clark suffers from asthma, allergies, and suffers from sleep apnea due to continuous exposure to dust in her apartment.” She also suffers from arthritis and kidney disease and has been unable to work since the outbreak began. In the meantime, she has had to spend a significant amount of time in the hospital.

“As a result of ingesting the contaminated KFC foods manufactured by I.M. healthy, Ms. Clark developed a case of eczema,” according to her lawsuit. “She is suffering from a skin condition known as ‘leukoplakia’, which is a red scaly rash caused by the reaction of skin proteins with the oxygen. levels in the blood.

Marla Clark is seeking compensation “on a claim of breach of contract, unjust enrichment, breach of warranty, breach of statute, unjust enrichment, negligence, and negligence and breach of express warranty.” She is suing in order to recover lost wages, medical bills, emotional distress, pain and suffering. She is also asking for punitive damages.

According to the legal papers, “Kroger knew or should have known that it was selling food containing an organism that causes a dangerous health problem, if not deadly, but failed to act on that knowledge.” They also “knew or should have known that KFC foods produced by I.M. healthy could cause serious illness and injury, but did nothing to protect their customers and their consumers from its effects. Because of this failure, the public was exposed to contaminated food that might be harmful to them.” The lawsuit argues that because of the nature of their business, it was foreseeable that they would be liable.

This case is similar to a lawsuit filed by Marla Clark in June by her attorney, Matthew Stiles. The latter suit claims that he also suffered severe burns, suffering from scarring and permanent scarring from his consumption of KFC chicken and other chicken products. The former suit is similar to the one filed by Clark’s attorney. In both cases, consumers are filing lawsuits in order to gain compensation for the injuries and illnesses they claim they endured because of tainted food. It is also a matter of civil law.

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