Everyone wants to taste the ultimate when it comes to fresh, young, scrumptious food that is as good as what you make at home. A fresh, scrumptious, light-bodied Coconut Mojito is just about perfect for any occasion, especially when paired with some fresh lime juice. I’ve been having customers come to my restaurant and rave about this delicious food since they were first introduced to it over four years ago. It has quickly become one of my most popular creations ever and I know because I have friends coming back all the time requesting the same recipe.

Coconut Mojito

A simple, easy to make recipe for a Coconut Mojito that I’ve been enjoying for years. An extremely sweet, creamy, tropical baby. Originally I used lime juice, but have switched to a fresh lime juice to add a little more complexity, making the drink a little more difficult to make but very flavorful. Added some heavy cream of coconut with a little of a lime and served it over steamed, fresh, cold coffee for a kick. The end result was heaven.

I serve my version of this delightful cocktail with fresh lime, freshly squeezed lime juice and a splash of dark, freshly cut ginger ale.

I typically pair it with the Irish “obar” mixer or a Manhattan, but other great cocktail mixes can be used as well. This drink can be made in double servings, so get enough for your guests. You can even use the leftovers in place of the traditional mojito for a lunchtime cocktail.

For this simple recipe you will need some simple syrup, a stick blender, crushed ice, a coconut, some mint leaves and some high-quality rum. I recommend a grade B rum just to ensure authenticity, but feel free to use any quality hard liquor you prefer. Also, don’t bother with white rums–a simple syrup will do just as well. The best way to prepare a coconut mojito is in a blender. It’s really that simple.

Combine one part of the simple syrup with two parts of the club soda and three parts of the ice. Mix until completely smooth. Once smooth, pour over the coconut mojito and stir to mix. If any limes are left over, simply take them out and discard.

Some other fun ideas for the coconut mojito recipe include garnishing with limes, green or pink high-quality rum, a bit of sugar free lemonade or tequila, a squeeze of lime or orange juice, or any other fruit. You could also garnish with ice cubes. Adding nuts or coconut pieces to the drinks can also add a bit of character to the drink. Try using almonds or coconut oil to dip fresh lime slices in to serve as an alternative garnish. You may also like to put a piece of fruit in the mix for a dessert.

When making the drinks, it is recommended to use a good quality middle made from wood.

A bamboo or stainless steel muffler will not work very well. For the classic look of the coconut mojito, use a club soda murder. These muddlers are typically larger than standard glass ladders and provide you with plenty of room to add all of your ingredients to. Just remember to use a wooden spoon to stir the ingredients while it is suspended in the middle.

Once you have your basic drink recipe assembled, you will be able to personalize it just like the drinks themselves.

One simple way to do this is to substitute different limes for salt in the recipe. For example, instead of using salt for the traditionalilantro, use more pina colada salt to give it a nice kick. The pineapple can be replaced with a pina colada as well; however, be sure to not substitute the salt for a pina colada or you will miss out on the coconut flavor that the tropical fruit contains. Another easy way to make this recipe unique is to substitute lime for water in the recipe. Making a coconut mojito is fun, refreshing and easy!

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