Have you or a loved one suffered at the hands of Glen Mills Schools? Did you learn of abuse, cover-ups, or violations of state abuse laws? If so, you may be eligible to file a lawsuit against the school system. Below, you will learn how to file a lawsuit for abuse at Glen Mills schools. This article will also provide you with information about filing a Class-action lawsuit.

Victims of abuse at Glen Mills Schools

A Pennsylvania reformatory school has been accused of physical abuse against its students. Reports state that counselors slapped and choked students, and slammed them into walls. A recent investigation reveals years of abuse and threats of violence perpetrated by staff at the school. In addition, the school allegedly threatened to transfer students to a worse alternative school if they didn’t stop abusing students.

Students who attended Glen Mills Schools say that staff members used excessive force and intimidation against them. They claimed that the staff threatened to send their sons to state-run facilities if they reported abuse. The school also allegedly threatened to extend their sentences or beat them. Ultimately, the students who escaped the abuse claimed that they were threatened by staff members. The abusers are still on the loose, but the allegations have sparked widespread concern.

Violations of state abuse laws

A lawsuit filed against Pennsylvania officials and the Glen Mills schools alleges that the Glenmills school system violated state laws prohibiting child abuse. The lawsuit was filed by the Juvenile Law Center, Education Law Center PA, and law firm Dechert LLP. The suit claims that state officials acted negligently, failed to detect problems, and did not act aggressively within the protocol. The state also acknowledged that the facilities were aware of routine abuse, but failed to curb it. In response to the lawsuit, the schools signed a “plan of correction” with the state, but the language was boilerplate, the plaintiff’s lawyers argued.

The wrongful actions at the Glen Mills School span over forty years, during the tenure of three different school directors: Cosimo D. Ferrainola (1975-2007), Garrison “Garry” D. Ipock, Jr., and Dr. Randy Ireson (2013-2019). The school is accused of sexually abusing a 16-year-old student. Billy Miller was beaten repeatedly by staff and repeatedly spat upon. The child’s mother had to seek a transfer out of the school and she was refused, she filed a lawsuit against the school, demanding that it stop.


The cover-ups in a recent abuse lawsuit involving a Pennsylvania reformatory school have sparked outrage in many circles, especially among parents. This case has exposed the extent of abuse at the school. The case has also shocked audiences across the country, and the alleged abuse at the Glen Mills School is shocking. The following are the facts that the Glen Mills School covered up.

Hundreds of former students have filed lawsuits against Glen Mills, alleging rape, physical abuse, and cover-ups. Victims have alleged that a school staff member or the administration of the Glen Mills School abused them from 1976 to 2018. The victims have cited a pattern of abuse from choking to broken bones. Many survivors have described the bullying and harassment they received as well as the cover-ups they endured. As a result, nearly 800 men and boys have filed individual and class action lawsuits against Glen Mills.

Class-action suit

In a recent court decision, a Philadelphia judge agreed to consolidate the various lawsuits filed against the Glen Mills School District. The plaintiffs allege that the schools and their administrators failed to provide a safe environment for students. While this may seem harsh, the facts are far from it. Moreover, allegations of abuse and neglect have occurred in the school for decades. The lawsuits allege that administrators and school employees hid the abuse and tried to impede outside investigations. Plaintiffs’ claims also allege that the school’s failure to properly train staff, screen and vet their employees, and implement policies to ensure student safety was not compromised.

A new lawsuit filed by attorneys from five law firms, including Eisenberg Rothweiler Winkler Eisenberg & Jeck, alleges that the Glen Mills school was negligent in its care of students. According to the lawsuits, more than 300 former students were abused at the school from 1976 to 2018. In his filing, Winkler cited a pattern in which the abuses took place and that students who were sent to the schools were angry, disconnected, and distrustful of adults.

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