There are currently two class action lawsuits involving the use of Gadolinium Contrast in the treatment for retinal detachment and glaucoma. According to the lawsuits, brands of gadolinium contrast agent have been aware of this risk from the time that they were first introduced into the market, yet did not warn the general public and the medical profession about the possible risks or even in the product’s labeling. These manufacturers knew about the potential side effects of this particular vision therapy, yet did not take steps to prevent the potential worsening of this patient’s condition or even to mitigate the potential side effects of this vision therapy when combined with other therapies. This is why you must contact a law firm specializing in cases such as yours if you feel that you have been a victim of this negligence on the part of manufacturers and that your injuries were caused by their negligence.

There is currently a pending lawsuit in Florida, which involves the wrongful death of a woman who was undergoing surgery in an eye hospital. The medical staff failed to appropriately measure her visual ability and did not provide her with adequate information on the risks of the treatment. The patient began to suffer from serious complications as a result of the lack of appropriate treatment. In addition, there were other facts that the hospital and its staff failed to inform the patient concerning including the negative side effects of gadolinium contrast agents on the eyes and their overall health condition. Once this woman’s death was announced in court, her family settled her lawsuit for $1 million due to her untimely death. The lawsuit is currently being processed in anticipation of the potential verdict.

Another case that is currently pending in Florida is another case in which a woman suffered from progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy (PML) after she had undergone laser peripheral iridotomy surgery (PIR). In this particular case, the woman was also misdiagnosed with diabetes because the left eye was apparently healthy. When PIR was performed on the right eye, the vision quality of the patient’s right eye was deteriorated. Due to these complications, the woman suffered permanent vision loss. This led to her filing a lawsuit against his medical facility, along with All Florida Medical Group and Radiology clinics in Sarasota, Florida.

The medical institutions are responsible for the improper diagnosis in this case, along with failing to provide proper treatment for the patient. This case highlights the importance of gadolinium contrast agent in order to prevent complications such as PML. Despite the fact that there has been no conclusive link between the substance and PML, the FDA and healthcare professionals are concerned about the possible dangers of these contrast agents. They are required to conduct studies on the subjects in order to determine whether or not these medications are effective and safe in treating glaucoma.

Several lawsuits have been filed by former patients of medical facilities that failed to properly treat patients suffering from glaucoma. These individuals were not given proper medical care, resulting in long term vision loss. Patients who lost their eyesight due to medical malpractice can now seek compensation to make up for the losses they endured. Some of these patients have been able to recover substantial sums through these lawsuits. The victims are often given an extra year to live following the incident, depending on their current health status.

The FDA is responsible for regulating the sale and distribution of all medicines containing anticoagulants. Any product containing this substance must be indicated as containing “carriers for vitamin C” on the label. This labeling requirement is the same for all products containing anti-inflammatory agents. If you think you may have been a victim of medical malpractice and are looking for financial compensation, contact an experienced personal injury lawyer to discuss your case.

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