If you have ever seen one of those Yeti lawsuits before then you know how serious they can be. These are large coolers that keep drinks or food from melting. The manufacturer makes these coolers with a polycarbonate shell that has the ability to keep ice from melting in the containers. Ice retention is important because when beverages or food cool down it will take longer to heat up and this will cause the food or drink to become cold quicker than if it was left out at room temperature.

Yeti Lawsuit

These coolers are produced by several companies like Powerree, Yeti, Big Green Egg, and Dr. Brown to name a few. These manufacturers all use different brands of plastics to manufacture their coolers and the Yeti cooler is one of the most popular. The Yeti lawsuit has come to be known as one of the most reliable tumblers on the market, due to its consistent punctual delivery and superior quality construction.

One of the unique features of these Yeti coolers is the patented ice retention feature. Most coolers use rigid foam to keep beverages or food cold.

This means that the harder the container is the faster it will cool and the colder it will stay. The Yeti lawsuit is an example of a soft cooler that incorporates rigid foam into its design. This extra layer of padding helps to conserve energy and keep food or beverages cold for longer periods of time. If a manufacturer uses the traditional hard coolers with rigid foam then it will eventually require more energy to cool the product down and will eventually cost less to produce as the products will not retain their coolness for as long.

In comparison to tumblers like the Powerree and Golden Boy cooler the Yeti lawsuit is the winner due to the fact that it is faster to make and it costs less to produce.

When comparing them though you should also take into consideration that the Yeti cooler has a wider variety of features and is designed to keep drinks colder for longer periods of time. Some people may prefer the ease of use provided by the Yeti tumblers and therefore the Yeti lawsuit may be more suitable for them.

There are other benefits that come from owning a Yeti cooler than just the fact that it is cold. The design of the cooler gives it a hip appearance and many individuals like to wear them. These types of coolers can be custom ordered to incorporate your company logo or even have a personalized image put on it. This aspect makes the lawsuit a preferred choice among many consumers.

If you are wondering whether your companies product is protected from infringement lawsuits in your state then you should look into Roro-molded coolers.

These types of soft coolers are completely safe and are capable of being used in a variety of settings. You can find some great prices on roto-molded coolers that can provide you with a quality yet reasonably priced product that will stand up to any lawsuit. Whether you are looking for an effective way to protect your product or whether you are looking for a fun new way to enjoy your beverage, the roto-molded cooler may be the right product for you.

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