The Lawsuits Over Prilosec Out of Control?

Some people are more sanguine, some are phlegmatic, some are cynical, others melancholic, yet others are jubilant prilosec otc lawsuit or blandly optimistic. And if you do something about it, though, you might get a better situation than you could ever have imagined. Drugs for lung infections have long been available as over-the-counter remedies for various respiratory problems; and now, in one case, a high court in the UK has referred the FDA to the European Union’s highest court on the subject (that’s “eurmatically related”), after refusing to do so. The UK High Court ruled that the FDA failed to prove that the Prilosec OTC drug met the safety standards needed by the European Medicines Agency, as required by the EU.

Prilosec OTC Lawsuit

It is unfortunate that the FDA did not think enough of the risks associated with this drug before approving it. If it had, then it would never have approved it, as it did, despite knowing of the risks it posed, including the risk of serious stomach acid reflux, and the possible development of life-threatening allergic reactions. The FDA also knew that a number of the ingredients in this drug could cause at worse liver damage, and some could even cause death. This is why it failed to include such side effects as these in the drug labeling. And we know that such fatal side effects cannot be prevented when taking Prilosec OTC.

These facts lead to the main claim of the lawsuit, which is that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) did not take into account the possible consequences of allowing Prilosec OTC to be sold as a medicine. They allowed the drug manufacturers to include the risks of the risk of serious adverse effects, but they did not warn the public about the risks. This allowed the Prilosec manufacturer, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, to push on with selling the medicine, despite the fact that the FDA warned that the drug was risky and that it could result in serious kidney failures. Even though the FDA thought that a warning could have been provided, and even though they were aware of the risks, they did not include the warnings. This is what brought about the class action suit. Many people who suffered from kidney failures have been unable to afford proper treatments because they were not warned about Prilosec.

The basis of the Prilosec OTC lawsuit is that the FDA, by allowing the Prilosec manufacturer to use its ingredient in the medicine, allowed the manufacturer to “hide” the real danger of Prilosec. The complaint states that the FDA failed to warn consumers about the severe side effects that could result from taking Prilosec OTC, and did not include the kidney damage warnings that would have kept patients from taking the medicine if they knew about the kidney problems. The lawsuit also points out that the manufacturer knew for years that their medicine was unsafe, yet they sold the medicine anyway. The FDA, in their attempt to protect the manufacturer, has not done enough to keep consumers safe from this dangerous pain reliever.

Some of the other lawsuits that are against Prilosec include ones that are brought against the manufacturer over the issue of increased risk of sudden death due to heart failure, caused by the increased risk of congestive heart failure. One lawsuit also targets Prilosec for their failure to warn about the fact that Prilosec was increasing the risk of people having heart attacks and strokes. This increased risk was not included in the original labeling of the medication. There was also a risk of increasing risk of diabetes when Prilosec was added to diabetic patients’ medications. The lawsuits also target the lack of warnings about the possibility of congestive heart failure.

In a recent article on MSN Money, there was an article titled, “A Lawsuit Against a Product Sights FDA Lawsuit,” which talked about one case in which a woman was suing Prilosec over their Prilosec OTC medication for chronic kidney problems. The lawsuit was for a condition called acid reflux. A direct cause of her chronic kidney failure and chronic kidney disease was Prilosec’s Prilosec OTC Medication for acid reflux. The article also talks about the recent recall of Metamucil, another popular OTC drug. The dangers of OTC drugs are serious because many of them don’t have the proper warnings and even when there are warnings, the symptoms of the drugs don’t usually show up right away, so it can be difficult for people to figure out what is causing their symptoms.

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