Levaquin Tendonitis Lawsuits is the most familiar injury and illness that sufferers of Levaquin Syndrome suffer from. This rare but deadly muscle and tendon disorder cause an acute pain on one side of the body, while the other side of your body will be left virtually uninfected. It is a progressive muscle weakening condition that leads to a loss of strength, co-ordination, and mobility in almost all parts of the body. The syndrome was first discovered by a German psychiatrist and physiologist, Reinhold Voll, in 1947. The paper he published on the subject was called ‘Sylvius’, which translates to ‘Luvio’.

Levaquin Tendonitis Lawsuit

He believes that this particular case was brought about due to improper medical treatment given to a patient with this condition. Following his research, he introduced a model called the Voll Model, which postulates that most muscular diseases have two underlying causes. These two causes are not necessarily physical, they are mental and social, and according to Voll’s understanding, the most logical and reasonable conclusion is that in this case, the patient’s mental health (the emotional and the social) was deteriorated, resulting in her developing Levaquin Syndrome.

From Voll’s work, it has been discovered that the main factor is a generic levaquin antibiotic generic called Metronidazole. In countries where generic metronidazole is available, this drug can legally be prescribed as a treatment for levaquin, but in the USA, where generic drugs are strictly regulated, the Food and Drug Administration has imposed a number of stringent guidelines that make it difficult for pharmaceutical companies to get a hold of generic levaquin. This means that unless a company is able to demonstrate in the USA that they have a valid drug application for levaquin, or that they have conducted clinical trials showing metronidazole’s safety and efficacy, they will not be able to legally sell a generic levaquin antibiotic generic to the USA.

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