The Centurylink Class Action Lawsuit Submission is a service that allows individuals to file claims in court and recover their legal costs and win their lawsuit. This service is meant to help consumers that are victims of fraud and identity theft and who are looking for some quick help. However, the service has changed and now targets those who were victims of a massive data breach at one of United States’ largest insurance companies. The Centurylink system was used by an agent named Scottrade, which is a discount brokerage firm that used this database to solicit business from clients who had a bad rating with credit cards. When the system was installed, there were no means to determine whether or not the client was a victim of fraud or credit card abuse, and all of the information was stored on company servers.

Centurylink Class Action Lawsuit

Security holes in the database allowed hackers to gain access to the personal information on over three million credit card accounts. Some of the information was used for identity theft, while others were used to make purchases. Company employees who did not have authorization to access the information were also compromised, and lost their ability to work because they could not access the accounts. Many of the victims who filed lawsuits in the United States faced financial hardships as a result of the fraudulent acts of the Centurylink executives.

There are currently five class action lawsuits currently pending in federal court in San Francisco, California. These include a $1.75 million claim filed by a man who used his wife’s maiden name to open a credit card account. Another case involves a claim brought by a security analyst who lost his job because he was the victim of credit card fraud. A woman who used her son’s birth date to apply for credit was also found to have been the victim of this crime.

According to the company, they have taken steps to correct the damage done by the breach. Currently, they state that they are working on a new credit reporting system that will require potential customers to sign a pledge that they will not disclose any of their personal information to anyone else. They also recommend that customers avoid making large purchases using their credit cards until they know the terms and conditions of their new offers. If an existing customer suspects that there has been a breach of his or her privacy rights, then he or she may contact legal counsel. However, this Class Action Lawsuit requires that a customer or consumer reporting agency to take action within three months of the customer’s report being issued.

The Centurylink Class Action Lawsuit is currently active in California and is currently awaiting final approval from a United States District Court. If no settlement is reached between the company and the plaintiffs within a reasonable period of time, then the case may be moved to trial. If a settlement is reached, the class members will receive their credit reports from the reporting bureau free of charge. Any fees that may be assessed will be discussed in a class action lawsuit submission. (There is currently no fee to be submitted to the court for this service.) This information can be of great benefit to those who feel they have been the victim of fraud.

Those who believe they may be eligible for a class action lawsuit should begin by reviewing their credit file with the credit bureaus. It is possible that incorrect information has been reported which is preventing them from receiving an actual credit card. Those individuals may also wish to request copies of their credit report from the three credit agencies. If fraud is suspected, it is necessary to contact the appropriate law enforcement authorities. When carrying out your obligations under the Centurylink class action lawsuit agreement, you must be sure to contact the appropriate party and keep all documents and correspondence for the class action lawsuit.

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