A New Level of Case Law Is Filed Against Neoprene and Other Medical Products Used At Dialysis Centers

Fresenius Lawsuits – Can you win a lawsuit over FRS? Many people have been injured due to FRS and have suffered permanent damage as a result. A lot of these cases stem from the defendant not advising anyone about the dangers of drinking bicarbonate. If this had been known, many people may not have fallen into the trap. There is one lawsuit that has received nationwide attention due to the hundreds of people who have fallen victim to FRS.

Fresenius Lawsuit

The case in question involves a man who suffered a heart attack and died from his injuries. The plaintiff was working for Fresenius, an insurance company, when he fell into a coma and later died. His wife, while in the hospital, noticed text messages from their son saying that he had seen his father having a cardiac arrest and had told him not to go out because it would be bad. The following morning, the father died from his cardiac arrest. The wife then filed a suit against Fresenius claiming that the insurance company was liable for helping her husband to take his life.

During a deposition, the plaintiffs’ attorney was able to show that several Fresenius products caused the heart attack and should have warned patients about the side effects. One of the products recalled was the Tylenol Chatterbox. This drug contains acetaminophen and was previously sold under various different brand names including Alka-Seltzer, Amedisol, Aspirin and other brands. The recalled product contained acetaminophen and dipropionate. What’s more unfortunate is that these ingredients are found in other health products as well such as anti-cholesterol, anti-oxidants, anti-histamines, laxatives and even anti-anxiety medicines.

The main target of the plaintiffs’ attorney is Fresenius Life Insurance Company, which is controlled by the Neoprene Company. Neoprene is an industrial fluid that protects implants. The suits filed also name as defendants Neoprene and its American subsidiary NAP Resources. The plaintiffs’ attorneys are seeking compensatory and punitive damages as well as an injunction on the companies’ use of the names. If successful, it may mean big trouble for the Neoprene Company as millions of dollars flow through different accounts every year.

In the recent past, many medical experts have commented that the lawsuits filed against companies like Neoprene could be the beginning of the end for this particular type of product as well as other similar products used at dialysis centers throughout the United States. Such products may cause unnecessary harm to patients, which may result to adverse effects on their health. Some of these may include respiratory problems, kidney failure, cardiac problems and other related problems. Such cases may also entitle the patient to compensation for suffering as well as monetary benefits.

Such cases may also entitle the plaintiff to compensation for the psychological pain caused by having to wear such devices at dialysis centers. The plaintiffs’ attorney in the Fresenius lawsuit has stated that these devices are known to cause many serious problems with patients including heart attacks, strokes, kidney failure, respiratory failure and other related problems. They further claimed that they are also dangerous because they increase the patient’s dependency on them and thereby subject them to a great amount of danger. The case will be heard by the courts and if the court concludes in favor of the plaintiffs, then the manufacturers of such medical products will be held liable and will be required to pay compensatory and punitive damages as well as to stop selling and distributing the products. This case will be closely watched by other institutions as well as other doctors who use defibrillators and other cardiac machines.

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