Class Action Lawsuits

When a person gets injured because of the negligence of a family member, they may choose to file a family dollar lawsuit against the store or company responsible for the incident. This type of lawsuit is filed by a person who has been injured due to the carelessness of a family member. Many of these lawsuits result in settlements, with the plaintiffs often receiving a large amount of money. Others settle out of court, without seeking any monetary compensation.

Family Dollar Lawsuit

Family Dollar is among many other store brands that offers consumers a variety of low-cost products. However, there are some convenient places around California where families can get injured while shopping. One example of such an incident occurred at a Family Dollar store in Encinitas, where a pregnant woman was selling goods to a child. According to court documents obtained by the California state court system, the mother-to-be-was pushed by an unruly customer into a hazardous condition, where one of the shelves gave way and injured her.

A similar incident also took place at the Pet Smart store in Alhambra. A female store manager was attempting to close a cash register when an intoxicated customer pushed her into the walk in freezer. After being pushed into the freezer, the store manager put the woman in restraints and performed an assessment of the injury. After discovering that the woman had sustained a fractured bone, the store manager agreed to a settlement agreement that would give her a lump sum payment in exchange for her signing a Class Action Lawsuit, stating that the store was guilty of negligent supervision and maintenance of a dangerous premises.

Several other incidents have led to Class Action Lawsuits being awarded to individual plaintiffs. For instance, in January 2021, a San Diego, CA resident was awarded $1.75 million due to her inability to pursue her dream career as a chef due to text messaging harassment from a member of the San Diego State University Men’s Club. The text message mentioned the school as a “drug rehab center”. The settlement administrator allowed the defendant to forward the same message to a myriad of other persons, falsely stating that they were authorized to forward the text messages to individuals outside of the group. The plaintiff in this case ultimately received a top class action lawsuit.

In another example of a Class Action Lawsuit, a plaintiff received a top class settlement in an oil and gas industry spill case in Florida. The victim was an employee of Transoceania Energy Corporation. An engineer with the corporation tested the water for toxicity levels one day prior to sending it on-site for testing, which he failed to do. He sent the results of that test back to the engineer, who never contacted the local Coastal Protection Authority or local landowners before blowing the whistle on what he learned. A Class Action Lawsuit was subsequently awarded to the victim.

The above examples are only a few of the many Class Action Lawsuits that is filed every year in the United States. There are many Class Action lawsuits that result from wrongfully causing a death, injuring someone in an accident, etc. Many times, victims are not even aware that they have been injured until a physician or attorney informs them. It is in the best interest for anyone who believes they have received a Class Action Settlement to notify their attorney immediately. If you file a claim and you receive notification that your claim has been settled, you should obtain either a copy of the settlement agreement or a court transcript of the proceedings. Only a certified Class Action Lawyer will be able to make certain that your rights have been properly preserved.

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