A Comcast lawsuit is now in the works. The company is being accused of discrimination by customers, who say they were denied service based on their sexual orientation. Additionally, the company is being accused of allowing anti-gay employee quotes to be published online without modification. The reason for the lawsuit?

Comcast Lawsuit

According to The New York Times, Comcast received a complaint from six clients in May. Five of these clients are members of the Gay and Lesbian community, and one is a Jewish man who support the gay community. The fourth client is a woman, who claimed that the company did not allow her to use the restroom when she needed to.

The company maintains that it has a policy that all employees must follow, which is to never violate the privacy or confidentiality of someone else. But the plaintiffs claim otherwise and say that Comcast was trying to force them out of business by putting them under financial duress. They say that the quote was meant to be an example, and never intended to be a direct employment reference. This could be a very major problem for the company.

It looks like this lawsuit will head into court very soon. Both sides have exchanged legal documents with lawyers in the District of Columbia. If a settlement is not reached soon, a motion may be made to the judge for a temporary injunction and trial. If the judge rules in favor of the plaintiffs, then the company could face huge fines. If the judge rules against them, then they could be forced out of business.

The lawsuit is expected to last for several months, and it will obviously be messy. The legal teams will have to work out a lot of details before a case is settled. Both sides must prepare for this litigation and see it through to the end. For customers, it would be nice to have the entire situation to blow over quickly, but the Comcast customers have to be prepared for anything, especially considering that there is so much controversy involved.

This whole ordeal has affected the customers of Comcast too. Many have been calling and writing the company, trying to get more information about the lawsuit. It looks like this story is going to turn out to be something that is not very positive for Comcast at this time. There is some good news though. The company has issued a statement saying that they intend to fight these lawsuits.

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