In August of 2021, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recalled Valsartan antihistamines and nasal sprays because of traces of N-methylhistamine (Nhd), which is an extremely harmful carcinogen or possible cancer causing agent. If it is ingested, N-methylhistamine can cause severe irritation and even cause death. It was one of the ingredients in the popular over the counter pain reliever, Advil. When Valsartan is ingested, the person should get emergency treatment.

Valsartan Recall Lawsuit

Valsartan is produced by a pharmaceutical company based in Japan. This company had developed the drug to help relieve symptoms in people who suffer from allergic reactions to common allergens, such as nickel, gold, silver, and latex. A few years ago, this company began selling Valsartan without first getting approval from the FDA. Subsequently, Valsartan was determined to contain one of the most powerful and dangerous contaminants that have ever been detected in food, and hence, caused this contamination, which ultimately led to this lawsuit.

Valsartan contains the chemical bupropion. It was determined that as a concentration of bupropion in the Valsartan product, it posed a serious public health risk. As a result, in the Valsartan recall lawsuit, there were actually many victims who became seriously ill as a direct result of taking Valsartan. These victims claimed that they became seriously ill because of the carcinogen contamination of Valsartan.

According to the FDA, valsartan contained vincristine, which is a known carcinogen. This carcinogen is considered so dangerous that it can cause blood to clot, damage blood vessel walls and even cause rashes, diarrhea and bleeding in people who are already sick with other diseases. In addition, according to the FDA, there is evidence that the drug companies knew about the carcinogen contamination of Valsartan, yet they sold the tainted drugs anyway. However, the question is why did the drug companies allow the drug to be sold containing vincristine? The drug companies knew that a portion of the Valsartan would pass through some people’s digestive system and that those people would develop serious illnesses as a result. Obviously, the company had to sell the drug if they wanted to recoup their profits.

In Valsartan, the recalled drug had been mixed with other ingredients, most likely sugar. As a result, when Valsartan users took the medication, there was a very real chance that they would develop serious health complications. To make matters worse, Valsartan itself is manufactured in other countries and sold under its original brand name “Valtrex”. Although the recalls and the resulting lawsuits are hurting the pharmaceutical companies, they are actually forcing them to re-evaluate safety guidelines and drug manufacturing processes. If you or someone you know has been affected by this problem, it is important to contact a drug injury attorney who has experience with pharmaceuticals and medical negligence cases.

A drug recall lawsuit can force a company to re-evaluate the manufacturing process of their product. In the case of Valsartan, the company was forced to place a black box warning on the drug about its potential side effects. This warning has since been revised and allows for Valsartan to be sold without a black box warning. Your attorney can help you determine whether or not you have a valid claim for compensation and file your class action lawsuit in order to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve.

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